About Us

MX Nutraceuticals was not created to compete in the already overcrowded Nootropics Supplements industry. MX Nutraceuticals was created as a RESPONSE and a REACTION to the widespread mediocrity in this industry.
We wanted to provide a product with real science behind it, and not some over-priced multivitamin. That’s where the desire to create “KogniZen” came from. We created the product we were looking for!
But to say that we are just a company that sells the best Nootropics Supplement would also be inaccurate. We want to better peoples’ lives in every way possible. We genuinely want people to be happier, healthier, and more capable.
That’s why we will publish any valuable insight we have on our blog. Anything which we feel adds value to peoples’ lives will be shared. Diet advice, business books, mindset topics, Zen, exercise… We will leave no stone unturned!
And we are not setting parameters and limits for ourselves either. Right now our tools to better peoples’ lives consist of KogniZen and our blog, but we will not hesitate to introduce any new products or services which we think are really worth it, and we already have a couple of ideas we are contemplating. For better or worse, we like to put all our eggs in one basket!
P.S. Just in case the question crossed your mind...The MX in MX Nutraceuticals stands for maximum and for being at your MAX!