About Us

MX Nutraceuticals was not created to compete in the already overcrowded Nootropics Supplements industry. MX Nutraceuticals was created as a RESPONSE and a REACTION to the widespread mediocrity in this industry.

We wanted to provide a product with real science behind it, and not some over-priced multivitamin. That where the desire to create "KogniZen" came from. We created the product we were looking for!

But to say that we are just a company that sells the best Nootropics Supplement would also be inaccurate. We want to better peoples lives in every way possible. We genuinely want people to be happier, healthier, and more capable.

That's why we will publish any valuable insight we have on our blog. Anything which we feel adds value to peoples lives will be shared. Diet advice, business books, mindset topics, Zen, exercise We will leave no stone unturned!

And we are not setting parameters and limits for ourselves either. Right now our tools to better peoples lives consist of KogniZen and our blog, but we will not hesitate to introduce any new products or services which we think are really worth it, and we already have a couple of ideas we are contemplating. For better or worse, we like to put all our eggs in one basket!

P.S. Just in case the question crossed your mind...The MX in MX Nutraceuticals stands for maximum and for being at your MAX!


Firas Abdallah

Firas is a bit of an oddball. Had his head been properly tied to his body after high school, he would have most likely become a medical doctor. Fate had it that he ended up going to business school. The fact that business education is easy and overrated, combined with Firas curiosity meant he had enough time on his hands to indulge his other intellectual curiosities, which range from biology, nutrition, and nootropics, all the way to philosophy and spirituality. Despite the apparent disparity of these interests, they can all be seen as different paths leading to optimization, or to wholeness if one was to use spiritual language. It was Firas who first saw the need for a natural high quality nootropic, after he was searching the internet to buy such a product for himself, only to be disappointed by everything he saw. He knew then that he'd have to take matters into his own hands.

Grzegorz Wasilewski

Greg is a hipster. He is also the certified scientist at MX Nutraceuticals. When he is not self-testing the company experimental formulas, Greg carries out academic research at the lab for his PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Maastricht, Netherlands. Greg is not all science and experiments though, as he really enjoys hitchhiking and collecting ethnobotanical plants. He is also big on travelling and partying! In fact, that is how Greg and Firas randomly met in a bar in Oslo, Norway, where they were both on vacation. 

Sergio Aoun

Sergio is a civil engineer by training, but he's always hated the notion that one needs to be limited by what they study at university. In recent years, Sergio has developed a strong passion for entrepreneurship, especially for startups that are customer-centric, as he believes that human relationships are at the core of a successful business and a successful life. Sergio still has two years to go to finish his civil engineering degree. His presence at university has allowed him to observe first-hand the strong need for high quality nootropics like KogniZen, which Sergio believes will be become an essential for university students in the months and years to come. Sergio is set to be the country manager for the Lebanon market, where MX Nutraceuticals is on track to be the first company to introduce nootropics to the local market!

Adib Abboud

Adib believes that time is one's most valuable asset, and he is determined not to waste any of it. Adib is on track to become a mechanical engineer, and more importantly, the marketing manager at MX Nutraceuticals Lebanon office. He has wisely decided that 5 years is too much time to get a university degree. Fortunately, being part of MX Nutraceuticals in the early stages has ensured that he will also be working on creating a business he is passionate about. Adib is set to be the marketing manager at the company's Lebanon office, where he and Sergio will be putting their remaining time at university to excellent use, spreading the KogniZen faith and enlightening their peers!