What is the best time to take KogniZen?

It’s best to take KogniZen in the morning or early afternoon. Avoid taking it after 3pm so that it doesn’t affect your sleep. This is just a general guideline, of course. If you are trying to pull an all-nighter for example, you might want to take KogniZen around 11pm.

Should I take KogniZen with food?

It’s generally advisable not to take any supplement on an empty stomach, and KogniZen is no exception. Ideally, you’d want to take KogniZen right after a light meal, such as breakfast.

How many capsules should I take?

The correct dosage is 3 capsules taken at the same time. Yes, you read that right, 3! We understand that 3 capsules might seem like a lot to you, but please realise that this is purely psychological. Ultimately, what counts is what is inside those pills. The fact of the matter is that we simply could not fit 1 KogniZen serving into any less than 3 capsules.

If you still feel unsure and want to know exactly what you are getting in those 3 capsules, just have a look at the homepage again where we have listed what one serving contains, or if you've already bought KogniZen, just turn it around and you’ll find the same formula written on the back of the bottle. 

Should I take the 3 capsules at the same time?

Yes, as mentioned above, the 3 capsules are meant to be taken together at the same time.

How can I take KogniZen for optimal long-term results?

For optimal results, take KogniZen for 5 consecutive days, and then stop using it for 2 consecutive days. For example, take KogniZen Monday-Friday, and then stop using it Saturday-Sunday. The 2-day break will ensure that your body does not build tolerance to any of KogniZen’s ingredients, and will thus enable you to keep enjoying the full benefits of KogniZen indefinitely.

Can I take KogniZen with coffee?

Since KogniZen contains a significant amount of caffeine already (About 1.5 cups of brewed coffee), we recommend that you don’t drink any coffee at least 2 hours before or 2 hours after taking KogniZen.You can still drink coffee throughout the day, however. We know what you are thinking, “exactly how much coffee can I drink throughout the day if I am taking KogniZen?”

1 serving of KogniZen contains 150mg of caffeine. According to Mayo Clinic, up to 400mg of caffeine per day appears to be safe for most healthy adults. If you are taking 3 capsules of KogniZen, that leaves 250mg for coffee. Check out the below guidelines for the caffeine content of some common coffee drinks, so you’ll be able to make your own estimations:

1 brewed (regular) cup of coffee: 100mg of caffeine

1 espresso shot: 60mg of caffeine

1 instant coffee cup: 30-90mg of caffeine

If you really really like your coffee and drink lots of it, you might want to consider taking 2 KogniZen capsules instead of the recommended 3, to make sure you are not consuming too much caffeine. All the ingredients will still be at or above the threshold of effectiveness with 2 capsules.

Can I take KogniZen with medication?

No, not unless cleared by your GP or physician.

Is it suitable for vegetarians?


Is it suitable for vegans?