The #1 Nootropic You Are Not Taking

Posted by Firas Abdallah on 9/1/2018 to News
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A nootropic is a substance that enhances cognition and memory and facilitates learning. So what is this #1 Nootropic I am referring to in the title? What is this thing that could be so useful and beneficial for your brain and for your quality of life?! It’s probably not what you were thinking about before you clicked on the link, and some people will be disappointed with the answer, but I implore you to read the full article if what I will suggest is something you have previously dismissed or refused to try.

The #1 Nootropic and life changer is presence. I am sure most of you have come across this before, and for those who tried it and experienced what it means, I congratulate you. As for those who just didn’t like the thought of it, let me make my case. This is the simplest thing you will ever hear, and yet it can have the most transformational effect on your life. It can make life so much easier, without sacrificing any productivity and creativity. In fact, if anything, the latter two attributes can increase dramatically as a result.

What do I mean by presence? Well, currently, we are all existing in this moment, right here right now. In fact, it’s not only currently that we are living in the now. We are always living right now. We never lived in the past, when that happened, we were living in the now. And no one has ever experienced the future. When the future comes, it will be now. So we are always living in this eternal now. Realize that life, that reality, exists this very moment. The past is a memory, and the future is a vision, just an expectation.

Now realize again that most of your problems and mental/emotional suffering comes from somehow getting hung up on the past or worried about the future. Wouldn’t be great if you were able to live free of the past without forgetting it, and free of the future without failing to plan for it? This is the proposal I am putting forward. Many people might be reading this right now and completely ridiculing it. But please try it before you discard it. Actually try it, don’t just think about it and come to a conclusion in your head, because I am putting forward a living experiential proposal, and not some theory to be argued for or against.

This is not just about spirituality, it’s also about nootropics. How much more productive and creative would you be if you were totally flowing, totally in the zone? Wouldn’t you be able to think much clearer and faster than if you were anxious about the future or sad about the past? Wouldn’t you be able to learn much better and quicker if you were mind was totally available to pick up the new information instead of having it scattered all over the place? And this is not a theoretical conclusion. Studies are popping up everywhere showing that the brain is actually physiologically rewired due to meditation, with one study citing is happened after as little as 11 hours of meditation practice.

For those of you thinking living like this would be difficult, you cannot be any farther from the truth. How can it be difficult to live in the now, when you are always already in the now no matter what you do. Effort is only needed when you want to reach a certain place, when there is a distance, but realize that there is never a distance between you and the now!

Let’s make this more practical. As many of you must now be wondering how, how can I do this! I personally vehemently oppose the use of any technique for reasons that require another article to explain, but can be summarized with my “effort argument” above. You don’t need a technique to get to where you already are. Simple. Techniques can be a nice and interesting foreplay to introduce you to presence, but you really don’t need them. You don’t need to watch your breath, or slow your movement. What I am talking of requires NO EFFORT whatsoever, because only effortless presence is real presence. Everything else is cultivated, won’t work, and will frustrate you after a short while.

Here is the gist of it. You just go on living as you normally would, nothing special about it. Because when you are naturally calm in your day-to-day life, then you are already present. Your mind is flowing naturally and easily. Thoughts and emotions are coming and going like clouds in the sky, and you are just witnessing it as it happens, while you are engaged in whatever you are doing. Don’t try to control your thoughts because that never works. Or try to control your thoughts and discover for yourself that it doesn’t work…

If you feel bold enough, one thing you can experiment with in these day to day situations is to be aware that this very moment you are in right here and now is throbbing with life. I know it sounds silly, but for me this is a great pointer to reality. Because my thoughts about the past and the future are just that, thoughts. But the place (for lack of a better work) I am in right here and now feels TOTALLY ALIVE.

So is that it? Not quite. Now we have to talk about what shouldn’t be done. Because as mentioned earlier, you are already in this alive herenow, but it’s only because of your wrong (allow me to use this label) effort that you end up mentally projecting yourself away from life, which can only be here and now. So when you get hung up on a thought or an emotion, what to do then? Well the first step is to not blame yourself for it, as that’s just more forced thinking. If it’s some kind of negative thought, just stop thinking about it. Simple. The thought only STUCK to begin with because you gave it your interest. You might think it’s something that is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, but in reality is just a thought, nothing more. Either take action on it RIGHT NOW, or just accept that you cannot do anything about it RIGHT NOW. Anything else will cause you mental/emotional suffering and will even cause you physical pain. Your body will tighten, your breath will become more shallow… It’s just unnecessary.

Now for those who struggle with difficult emotions, it’s sometimes a bit more difficult, as some emotions can “stick” for quite a while. When this happens, here is my recommendation. Completely allow this emotion to be, and just be aware of it. This could be done when you are sitting alone in a room, or even when you are engaged in some activity. Don’t’ fight it, or you will strengthen it and make it linger for longer. When it comes to presence, whatever you resist, persists. If you stay with this emotion and remain aware of it without trying to fight it, it shall soon pass. But don’t have a goal in mind when doing so, otherwise you’ll be projecting yourself into the future where your goal lies and it won’t work. It’s counterintuitive, but it’s how presence works. You are present for the sake of it, and not for any reason or benefits. Those are all by-products.

Optional: If you are a bit (or very much :P) open to spirituality, or have become so because of this article (maybe?), you can try the following: Realize that you are not this emotion, you are the one who is aware of it. Abide in that awareness, abide in that “knowing” that you are the one who is aware of this emotion. Be the space in which this emotion is perceived and realize that “it” cannot touch “you”! As you do this, you will start to feel a distance between you and this emotion, as you are slowly disidentifying from it.

How great is it to always live like this? To be almost always in a state of flow. A state in which you are as productive and creative as you can ever be, a state in which you are totally available to life, which is always here and now. A place where you can reflect on the past without unnecessary dwelling on it and “retrospectively” creating stories in your head about it. A place where you can practically plan for the future, without mentally projecting yourself into this completely imaginary movie script, and then suffering the crippling fear and anxiety that result from it. This is the real NZT-48, this is the real limitless pill. If you would like to explore this further, I suggest you lookup the content of Eckhart Tolle, Rupert Spira, and Alan Watts. If you are of the very spiritual type, you might be more impressed with Mooji.

This article might seem strange coming from the co-owner of a company making Nootropics, but this is 100% coming from my own experience. This is my truth which I feel compelled to share. Am I dismissing the real nootropic supplements? Of course not. After all, I myself am crazy about nootropics. I love that shit. That’s why I got into this business. But I see presence as something much more essential. I see presence as a basic necessity in everyone’s life. Then, when presence is established, nootropics are the logical next step. When presence is established, then we can seek ways to further optimize our brains by using nutrition, exercise, and nootropics.

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