This Breakfast Super-Shake Will Change Your Life!

Posted by Firas Abdallah on 3/29/2019 to News

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I am sure you have wondered at some point whether you are getting all the nutrition your body and mind need. I know I have. So the last time this thought crossed my mind, I had a creative moment where I realized a super smoothie might just do the trick. I know some people will suggest I take a multivitamin, but from my experience in the supplements industry, almost all multivitamins use the cheapest and least bioavailable form of each ingredient. So I had to make it happen through food.


In the beginning, I was only choosing the ingredients to cover all the basic vitamins and minerals, not caring at all about how it might taste like. I was totally obsessing over the nutrition facts, tracking every vitamin and mineral and thinking in what fruit, vegetable, or seed I can find it. So, after a lot of calculation, I went ahead and made it, thinking it will taste horrible, and making peace with that fact. But after making it, it actually turned out to be super delicious!


Without further adue, the ingredients:


-250 ml Milk (Cold milk would give a better taste)

-30g Almonds

-30g Pumpkin Seeds

-1 Banana

-2 Large Spoons of Raw Cacao Nibs

-4 Large Spoons of Organic Oats

-1 Large Spoons of Honey (Make sure its real organic honey)

-Optional: You can also add cinnamon to give it a special flavor. But make sure you use Ceylon cinnamon and not cassia cinnamon. They have pretty much the exact flavor, but cassia cinnamon can be toxic when consumed daily for a prolonged period of time.


Put all these ingredients in a strong blender and let it do its job.

Following the above amounts, you should end up with 2 full cups of smoothie. Pour one cup for yourself and leave the rest in the refrigerator for another day. I usually have 1 cup in the morning and count it as a full breakfast.

In addition to the large amounts of essential vitamins and minerals, the smoothie is very rich in monosaturated fat, also known as the "healthy fat”. It also contains a significant amount of flavanols (from the dark chocolate), which are highly beneficial for your brain. A big benefit is also the fact that it contains 350mg-400mg of elemental magnesium.Magnesium deficiencies are the second most common deficiency in developed countries after Vitamin D. So it's a huge added value.

Though very nutritious, the smoothie is also quite high in calories, so you may want to consume it strategically to avoid any weight gain. I personally take my cup after a long run and I don't have any weight issues, so its not a concern for me. But don't feel too concerned even if you are trying to lose some weight, as one cup contains about 450 calories in total, which is formidable, to say the least, but nothing 30 minutes of continuous running cannot take care of.

Lastly, you might be wondering: That all sounds great, but how exactly will this shake "change my life". Well listen up. magnesium is great for your brain health as it's involved in the production of quite a few neurotransmitters, and studies are popping up now pointing to it's role in fighting anxiety and depression. The flavonols in the dark choclate are great for improving your blood flow, including your cerebral blood flow, and there are some studies demonstrating a resulting memory boost, though the jury is still out on this one. The shake is also full of dietary fibers, and most people in the developed world don't get enough of it. Given that the shake contains a high amount of magnesium, monounsaturated fat (the good fat), and flavanols, it's especially great for your cardiovascular health. 

If you're a vegetarian, this shake can be especially helpful for you as it provides you with a great amount if iron. Given that it's mostly non-heme iron, you can increase iron absorption by consuming vitamin C alongside it. (Eating 1 orange would be enough for example).

If you are a male, the shake will do wonders for your sex life, as it contains very high amounts of zinc (mostly from pumpkin seeds), Vitamin E (mostly from almonds), Vitamin B6 (mostly from bananas). These minerals and vitamins can significantly boost your testosterone production. This is especially true if you're deficient in one or more of them, which is likely the case unless you take great care with your diet.

I have been consuming this shake for several months now, and I have genuinely noticed an improvement in the quality of my life. But to be completely honest, I cannot isolate the positive effect of this shake, because I am simultaneously carrying out other activities which can equally be responsible for this impact (zen, exercise, healthy diet). Nevertheless, there is no harm in trying it and seeing if it can have an impact on your own quality of life!

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